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Y si me pide el tiempo,

todo se lo envuelvo en un listón de color.

Y si me pide el cielo,

me pongo de rodillas y ofrezco una oración.

Esto es amor.

Se tiene y se mantiene.

Se siente y no se miente.

Es paciente…

Se busca y se alimenta,

y a veces se desmenuza y al final todo se entrega.

Se escucha y no se juzga y alumbra con llama de pasión,

que no infatuación.

Te llama y te extraña… y te hermana (y se apaga)

Recupera y se sienta y reflexiona… y te rodea y vuelta a empezar.

Te enamora una vez más.

Te conquista.

Te desarma.

Te expone y estremece.

Te envuelve, no comprendes.


Te deja en libertad… para volar.

April 11, 2012 § 1 Comment


Just a note, a sweet single note…

A piano song and you show me once, you show me once more

that I am not dead, that I own a soul

that my heart, though it aches… that my heart is still well.


Though it’s not my voice that which I hear

though it’s someone else who whispers to your ear

I can still believe, in silent, silent tears

it’s me who speaks.


One word, one solid, absolute word

and I am back at your door.

back at your doorstep, knocking to enter the world;

the world of all possible, the world of all mercies

the God who is a dreamer, this God of my own.
The comforter’s here…


One string, a single cry of the violin,

ot is all I need to come here

to surrender, free from my own beliefs.


Dive in refreshing and calm sea… let us dive in.


Confronted to the rest, confronted to what’s left.


Oh one word! the one right now being sung

A miracle happens here, a miracle indeed

deep inside of me… deep inside of me…


In truth and verity, in me.


No more pretensions, no more hip wisdom

No condemnation, oh no dissections, no complex thought

but a miracle, just a miracle,

all the while it’s being sung.


Miracle of your love, miracle of your voice

soft calling late at night, wooing back my mind;

back into peacefulness, back into light

such as my lamp dimly shining, letting me write that:

that which though not my words, and not my notes and not my song,

is nonetheless my very own love song.

February 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

Lead my boat far from the shore,

make me dip my toes and taste your salty love.

Headfirst diving, merge my tears with ocean waters,

cleansing, clearing, washing, calming.

Call my name, chant a song,

fiercely fight for my soul.

In the midst of vicious battle,

Bring my boat, out of the storm.

Steer my waves towards the rocks,

gripping, settling,

slowly pull me home.

Invite me in,

converse through grief,

the joyful sounds of balmy waters bashing callous deeds.

Let saltiness permeate; let solitude set in.

Let graciousness abound, let sun rays kiss my skin.

Push me out and to the sea,

wave a sweet farewell at me.

I shall slip off all tight reins,

I shall find true binding stars.

Your still peace steering my boat,

Your bold love my bright lighthouse.

October 31, 2011 § 3 Comments


We’re all shattered, we’re all crying.

We’re all seeking, we’re all asking.

We’re all failing, as we’re standing.

We’re all dancing to the tune of trying.

We’re all singing, we’re all laughing,

we’re all looking, our souls yearning.

Eyes half-closed, heart on top.

Blind we go, head-first jump.

Brittle faith, endless hope.

We rejoice, as we mourn.

We all come and go.

We Live. We Die.

We Love…

We Are .

Could it be you?

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Could it be you?

I’ve seen you, and I’ve seen myself along.

So could it?

Could it be you whom I reflect my heart upon, gazing at myself while in reality doing so at God?

Could it be me the one opening a door to your heart? I so wish for that thought

But wait; Is there even an answer, or should I just walk the walk?

silent, trusting, hoping for the hope…

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