Most blogs I read may qualify as overly self-centered. Mine is no exception and I wonder if that is of any benefit to anyone. In any case, if nothing else, I might provide some entertainment or, at least, correctly spelled reading material.

As I continue building this blog (which very few people seem to read, anyway), I also continue building life, in general. part of such process is the great “sub-process” of self-discovery.

Here, aspects I’ve discovered so far:

· I’ve got a really good eye for art, music and clothes. I just don’t have enough money to reflect it on my very flesh & bone self 😉

· These days, it seems my “dream job” would be not that of a writer but instead, a researcher; a finder. Of what? Everything! I’m just great (*cough, cough* not being humble here… *cough, cough*) at finding apparently “hidden” stuff, all over the city, and all over the web. I like following links, reading ideas, figuring out new words… If somebody asked me to discover what’s “new under the sun”, and paid me for that, I think I’d thrive. Any employer out there reading this?

· I can knot a tie… in more than one way. (and I’m a woman). Pretty cool, huh?

§ 2 Responses to Self-discovery

  • sirak98 says:

    Most younger men can’t knot a tie. I know a few older guys that hang with the clip on variety. As a woman I don’t have an many occasions to wear a tie, therefore I don’t really know how to knot one.

    • Alex says:

      I hear you. I don’t have all that many chances either, though I have knotted my dad’s on occasion (rarely, since he’s the kind who doesn’t really like them) and loooooved to play with my grandpa’s and knot them all. It’s just such nice piece of clothing and such a pity it’s mostly reserved for me. Perhaps I should go out and get myself a waitress job… at a fancy restaurant, of course; then I’d get to wear one every day.
      Thanks for your comment. Send me a picture if/when you wear a tie 🙂

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