January 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was once in Paris

I once took a train

Beauty of an Indian girl

Like the one I saw today.

I once felt the rain

I once touched the cold

Melting snow on tongue

Cheerful walk back home.

I once had companion

I once knew true love

I was all but lonely

I was all but done.

I once came back here

I once typed the truth

I once led my love

Through great mountains

Seas deep blue.

That I always knew your name

Is my secret and is yours

That I went astray

Is no secret

It spurred love.

That I come

That I go

That I think

That I stole…

All the memories

All the love

My own first

And then more.

I once was in Paris

How Surreal the love.

November 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I know your struggle, because it’s mine too,

and I understand your crying, because I’ve cried it too.

Wholly suffering, wholly broken; we cry out, by the holly walking.

Holy victory… for that we’re hoping.

I know your hunger because it’s mine too,

and I offer you my water, now I offer it to you,

for it flowed not by power, neither by might came to you.

So take it now

quench your thirst

look me in the eye

tell me what you dread.

I know your quest, it’s my own quest too.

I know we’re craving for faith…

faith I’ve seen is truth.

I know as you wake up again,

you mutter a silent prayer;

without wanting, without realizing.

Hoping as I hope, wishing as I do,

that it all is true.

October 31, 2011 § 3 Comments


We’re all shattered, we’re all crying.

We’re all seeking, we’re all asking.

We’re all failing, as we’re standing.

We’re all dancing to the tune of trying.

We’re all singing, we’re all laughing,

we’re all looking, our souls yearning.

Eyes half-closed, heart on top.

Blind we go, head-first jump.

Brittle faith, endless hope.

We rejoice, as we mourn.

We all come and go.

We Live. We Die.

We Love…

We Are .

Could it be you?

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Could it be you?

I’ve seen you, and I’ve seen myself along.

So could it?

Could it be you whom I reflect my heart upon, gazing at myself while in reality doing so at God?

Could it be me the one opening a door to your heart? I so wish for that thought

But wait; Is there even an answer, or should I just walk the walk?

silent, trusting, hoping for the hope…

August 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sueño a colores, sueños distantes. Entre nopales y matorrales, entre azules mares. Sueño cada día y sueño cada noche, y luego despierto a mis platónicos despertares. Que son brillantes no hay duda, aunque no siempre “iluminantes”. Sueño en lo mágico y vivo en lo nostálgico. Pienso en lo histriónico, actúo lo lógico. Así es el vaivén que va y viene; se queda y adormece, y yo arrullada me devuelvo a las imágenes, abriendo la jaula de los referentes. Que corren libres, eso eso es certero, que llegan a su destino, aunque no lo constate. Sueño despierta y despierta me pierdo. me entrego pues de nuevo al sueño, hasta hallar la verdad y la llave de aquello que me es ajeno.

Silent title

August 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Some people make us smile, just for who they are. What their secret is and where it lies I don’t know, but it enriches my heart every time. During silent nights, proceeding silent days, I picture dear, treasured smiles, in my head. Soothing and white, crooked and glad, they remind me of the essence behind. Sometimes, I can not help but smile while alone; on the bus, walking down the street, sleeping underneath the fresh shade of a tree. I smile and yet the smile does not belong to me. Thief as I have learned to be, it corresponds to a memory, a place; a dear departed friend. Thus, as a booty, hastily acquired, it hastily vanishes back… to its origins, to the past. I love smiles, and to recall them even more, but I also want – my deepest desire – to smile from within, no memory attached. For pure joy, for today, for who I am… I want to smile.

She did not belong…

June 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

to these brown dusty shores, covered in concrete sights and imaginary dreams. Nor did she belong under these blue, lazy skies; blowing warm, uninviting whispers in her ears, they reminded her she did not belong. And yet she stayed, and yet she prayed, and yet she dared.

She knew she did not belong but embarked on the adventure all the same, in the knowledge that one day, one glorious morning, she’d trade shores, skies and thoughts, but until then she clung to the promise He had long ago made; until then, she set her eyes on him. Until then, she kept walking, waking to a new chance every day.