Well, I had just typed a whoooole post on who I am.. but I just deleted it! (as I’ve done so often). Then, let’s try and make this “sweet n’ short”.

I am a/an:

Believer; in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob · Reader · Mexican · Former graphic designer · Female · Ice cream lover · Runner · Translator (by choice and fate) · Writer · Good speller (for the most part) ·  Swimmer · Day dreamer · Receptionist (at some point) · Seeker · Good cook · Big cheese eater! · Danish language beginner and enthusiast… and hopefully, more

I am bilingual and that’s why my posts are written in both, English and Spanish. English has played a major role in my life, ever since I was little, so much so that at age 5 I could not be beaten at my very first spelling bee contest 🙂 ,even though I didn’t want to win 1st place but 3rd. Why? Heck! number 3 was a lot better, or so I thought.

Some days I wake up (and go to bed) in “English mode”, some in Spanish (and now even Danish… no comments on that); sometimes I’m just “mix & match”; hence the different outcomes when it comes to writing. Hope you draw some meaning out of my rambles. My main goal is to always be transparent and keep hope alive; hope that, no matter what, sorrow will be turned into joy; despair into strength, all through G-d’s grace, every time, all the time.

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