December 29, 2012 § 2 Comments


For you, dearest Baf.

In the Sun

Shira was her name
For she meowed to her hearts’ content.
As any lively, playful cat,
she enjoyed her daily nap.

Whether snuggling by Sheryl’s side
Or waking her way before ’twas time,
She brought great joy to her life.
(and elicited many a rhyme)

Shhh… mama – Sheryl woud say
Lest I give you a good spray.
One must be quiet, one must behave
Come here with me, and let us pray.

I know you’d love to play outside
But  as it’s late you’d be a tasty bite.
For whom? – your puzzled cat eyes ask
You know… the creepy creatures of the night!
Should we just go to bed instead?
Some good ol’ sleep will do you best.

And so cat Shira was a faithful friend,
Years came and went while she remained.
Sometimes obnoxious and sometimes sweet,
Through winter’s cold and summer’s heat.

Her cat story began and so it came to end;
One winter day we lost our furry friend.
Now all is good, now all is well,
our thankful hearts waving farewell.
· · ·
From here on we cherish memories,
Of love between our two buddies;
Cat and human bonded by love,
Precious gift from our God above.


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  • Iris says:

    All cat lovers would enjoy this little poem. “Faithful friend, obnoxious, playful, sweet” are all the right adjectives. They certainly fit Cristy’s relationship with her cat.

    Thinking of you, Ale, as we say farewell to the old and press into the new. May His presence be strong in your life.


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