February 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

Lead my boat far from the shore,

make me dip my toes and taste your salty love.

Headfirst diving, merge my tears with ocean waters,

cleansing, clearing, washing, calming.

Call my name, chant a song,

fiercely fight for my soul.

In the midst of vicious battle,

Bring my boat, out of the storm.

Steer my waves towards the rocks,

gripping, settling,

slowly pull me home.

Invite me in,

converse through grief,

the joyful sounds of balmy waters bashing callous deeds.

Let saltiness permeate; let solitude set in.

Let graciousness abound, let sun rays kiss my skin.

Push me out and to the sea,

wave a sweet farewell at me.

I shall slip off all tight reins,

I shall find true binding stars.

Your still peace steering my boat,

Your bold love my bright lighthouse.


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  • The Baf says:

    May perfect love surround you today, and always. There is nothing stronger than love, yet, it is so kind and tender. Such a picture of ADONAI.

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