November 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I know your struggle, because it’s mine too,

and I understand your crying, because I’ve cried it too.

Wholly suffering, wholly broken; we cry out, by the holly walking.

Holy victory… for that we’re hoping.

I know your hunger because it’s mine too,

and I offer you my water, now I offer it to you,

for it flowed not by power, neither by might came to you.

So take it now

quench your thirst

look me in the eye

tell me what you dread.

I know your quest, it’s my own quest too.

I know we’re craving for faith…

faith I’ve seen is truth.

I know as you wake up again,

you mutter a silent prayer;

without wanting, without realizing.

Hoping as I hope, wishing as I do,

that it all is true.


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  • Josh B. says:

    Very nice!! Something almost everybody is saying each day.

  • The Baf says:

    It is so strange, because this morning I woke up not really knowing what lies ahead for me this day, just knowing that without the L-RD, it would be impossible to make it. Muttering that silent prayer is a way of saying, “I need you, and summit to You”, to our Abba, the one who can keep and sustain us. I thank G-D for His faithfulness and the many trials He has brought me through.

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